The Rueff Dance School is located in the old center of the city, right behind City Hall (Rathaus). For visitors to Vienna, it offers waltz lessons at fixed times several days the week (you can also pass by just for one lesson):



You can get coffee everywhere nowadays. But real Viennese coffee house culture can only be found in Vienna. It’s about more than coffee – it’s about an attitude towards life. Let’s dive into the old Viennese world of Melange, Buchteln and living history.



Millions of enthusiastic visitors to Vienna know what has now been confirmed for the tenth time in a row by Mercer’s international comparative study: Vienna is and remains the best.

Each year, the international consulting firm Mercer carries out a study to assess the quality of life in 231 cities around the world. The results of the study in 2019 once again gave Vienna top marks and made the Austrian federal capital the most livable city in the world for the tenth time in a row.



Vienna is a green city, and besides its woods, meadows and fields, it boasts about 850 parks – and the best of them contain restaurants with fantastic views of the surrounding greenery. Enjoying an excellent meal accompanied by a glass of wine, or perhaps afternoon coffee and a slice of cake – the ideal way to take in the idyllic setting in one of Vienna’s parks.



The Vienna State Opera is prized for its exceptional acoustics. There are performances almost 300 nights a year and a different billing virtually every day. The Theater an der Wien has established a name for itself as „the other“ venue for opera. New premieres each month — from baroque to contemporary — are a hit among opera-goers. Meanwhile at the Vienna Chamber Opera, the focus is on rarities. The Volksoper presents classic operas in German, musicals and lively operettas.



At the markets and in the surrounding neighborhoods, everyday life has its habitual Viennese rhythm: colorful and creative as well as leisurely. The stalls, eateries and bars are a natural shopping paradise, meeting place and sightseeing destination.

The city’s wonderful markets offer a typically Viennese shopping experience. This is where Vienna where Vienna reveals its multicultural side: Viennese humour blends with eastern European charm, and oriental flair with Mediterranean temperament.



Vandalism or art? Street art continues to divide opinion. Developed out of the illegal graffiti scene, the young art genre has long since found its way into galleries and museums, and conquered the art market. Also closely associated with graffiti and street art culture is skateboarding. For a long time labeled an intrusive and disruptive mobility culture of young people, the cult board of the 1970s has been enjoying a renaissance as a means of mobility and a leisure sport for a number of years.



Durchhäuser, literally translated to mean ‘through-houses,’ are a distinctive architectural feature of Vienna’s old town. A Durchhaus is a house that connects two parallel streets and can be entered from both street sides. They are usually housed within an inner courtyard, which serves as a passage between the two streets and may contain shops or restaurants. These specialty houses are typical of Vienna and offer pedestrians an easy detour to the next street over.



2020 is a special year for ISAPS – we’re celebrating our 50th Anniversary in Vienna! But we aren’t the only ones with a big birthday coming up. Next year, the Austrian capital will present Beethoven Year 2020 in honor of acclaimed composer Ludwig van Beethoven’s 250th birthday, making Vienna the perfect city to host the ISAPS World Congress. ISAPS highlights some of the unique activities being offered throughout the city in Beethoven Year 2020.

Vienna’s culture is largely musical, having been Beethoven’s chosen home for 35 years. In Beethoven Year 2020, the city will showcase more of Beethoven’s music than ever before. Witness a performance of Beethoven’s only opera, Fidelio, at the Vienna State Opera or the Theater an der Wien, and hear his classic works live in concerts at the Musikverein and the Wiener Konzerthaus. To learn more about Beethoven’s life, works, and personality, visit some of the many Beethoven exhibits that will take place in 2020. Special exhibitions providing an inside look at Beethoven’s life and genius will be held at various locations throughout the city, including the Austrian National Library and the House of Music.

Join ISAPS in Vienna 2020 and take part in two of the biggest events of the year!